• American Welding Society Academic Access
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a qualified academic institution?

An institution that teaches students AND grants degrees as its primary functions.

What method of authentication is used for granting access?

Access is opened via IP address authentication for a given subscribing institution.

Are there limits to the number of users who can access at a subscribing institution?

No. A subscribing institution may have an unlimited number of authorized users accessing at the same time as long as they are accessing from within the defined IP addresses of the institution.

If a student or faculty is offsite, are they able to access the resource remotely?

They may access remotely, but only if the subscribing institution has an established proxy server and the IP addresses of the proxy server are identified when the subscription is implemented.

Can I print any of the content?

Students are not permitted to print any of the content. Faculty may print, but they first must complete a secondary authentication using a unique loginid/password issued to the institution’s administrator. The secondary authentication is presented to the faculty member only if they are accessing the content from within the IP addresses of the institution.

Am I able to cut and paste information from the content?

No. This is not a permitted use of the product.

Is this a calendar year based subscription?

No. The 12 month subscription period may start at any time.

Does the content get updated during the course of a subscription year?

Yes, the content is automatically updated at no additional cost for subscribers.

I am a consultant when I am not teaching. May I use my access to AWS Academic Access for my consultancy work?

No. The product is permitted to be used only in the academic setting.

Can a trial be set up to review the subscription?

Yes, a no-cost trial can be set up for a limited period of time – typically two weeks maximum. During the trial, the institution does not have any capability to print documents.

We have multiple campuses. Does the subscription allow for multiple campus use?

The license is for a single campus site. We are, however, willing to negotiate a multiple campus arrangement.

Does AWS Academic Access include access to other publishers like API and ASTM?

No. The service only enables access to AWS content.

If I do print an AWS document or a portion of a document, am I granted the right to provide copies to my students?

You may use the printed material to supplement course work.