• American Welding Society Academic Access

This is a unique subscription which contains all of the AWS’ publications in a digital format. As a student of a participating AWS Academic Access educational institution, you will be able to access over 250 standards digitally from the convenient location of your schools. This is AWS’ first full-content subscription serviced specially priced for academic institutions, at an 80% discount

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AWS Academic Access lets the student view each publication without having to download files, bothersome plugins and problematic administrator access issues. Additionally, the AWS Academic Access platform has an advanced indexed search engine that will assist the student and instructor in searching for the publication.

Following are a couple of characteristics that separate AWS Academic Access from other digital subscriptions services:

  • Categorized search engine to maximize productivity.
  • Full preview descriptions of publications to ensure correct information.
  • Automatic updates of new publications, errata and amendments.
  • Academic pricing, academic format at a fraction of the cost.

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The AWS standards library features content on everything from structural welding to auto and locomotive welding techniques. This new subscription service will surely aide educational institutions in reach their academic goals.

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