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AWS Academic Access

AWS Academic Access is the complete Welding Reference Library in one place.

The American Welding Society is proud to announce a new standards library,
AWS Academic Access, for schools teaching welding. This new library offering
contains all AWS electronic standards, specifications, methods and guidelines.
AWS’s Educational Institution Members and SENSE programs will enjoy
special discounts, but we have made this collection affordable
for all welding schools.

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Over 250 Publications Priced with Academic Budgets in Mind

AWS Academic Access is the complete welding reference library, which grants unlimited access to High Schools, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, and other qualifying academic institutions. We priced the libary around the academic budget. Educational Institution Members and SENSE programs will benefit tremendously from this special pricing.

User Friendly Platform with a Robust Search Feature

Easily find what you are looking for! Our robust search bar is built in a way that you can quickly search by welding category or industry. You can also type in key words or publication name and get a list of suggestions based on what you entered. Save your searches any time for future reference. Click here to see a sample!

Get Automated Updates on All Publications and Save over 96%

Stop spendingng money on new publications. All the content will be upgraded on your library automatically. The beauty of it is that these upgrades are completely FREE! You spend nothing when a new publication comes out. Save over 96% today by registering online!


Give Your Students the Tools They Deserve

Give them access to all AWS Publications! Our online libary is open 24/7 allowing users to read and reasearch content at any time.

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Campus Wide Access

No more sharing, storing, and worrying about physical copies! With an online library the entire school can access all publications at the same time. Our multi-user feature allows professors to have their own accesss and students will enjoy accessing the appropriate content from the school library. There is no wear and tear and all publications update automatically.

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Our extremely satisfied customers!


"With the AWS Academic Access collection,
I no longer have to worry about purchasing
the most recent editions of documents or the hassle of storing a large number of books.
Students and instructors have instant access
to the most recent editions from the entire
AWS library at an affordable rate.
AWS Academic Access collection has proved
to be a great resource."

- Paul Hasty

Program Chair, Welding Technology


"The AWS Academic Access service has been a wonderful addition to the Welding Engineering program at Ohio State. In particular, it recently allowed us to teach a new welding procedure development and qualification course that required students to have access to numerous AWS standards, including D1.1, B2.1, and the Welding Handbooks. Multiple Welding Engineering faculty are now using this service to augment their courses, and both faculty and students have reported that the service is very easy to use."

Dr. David H. Phillips
Associate Professor of Practice, College of Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Welding Engineering Program
The Ohio State University

"The online content really facilitates everything. Students no longer wait for printed books to become available. Also our cost has gone down tremendously. We don't have to replace worn out publications or pay for the new editions."

- James York

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